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PPG Pinless
USA/Canada 2.5¢
China 1.5¢
Cambodia 9.0¢
Germany 2.9¢
Laos 6.5¢
Australia 3.0¢
Vietnam 6.4¢
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  Thank you for choosing Wholesale East Coast Phone Card Express Inc. Our Vietnamese company has been proudly selling phone cards since 2001.
Khong Le Phi
   We are the leading telecommunications company in distributing phone cards calls to Vietnam as well as other countries around the world.
   We fully understand that in order to nurture a successful business, we must accommodate our customers' needs; therefore, we guarantee to serve you with the utmost most degree of professionalism.
   - The best quality in customer service
   - The clearest and fastest connections
   - A lifetime warranty for each phone card
   We offer one year warranty for each card and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or we will gladly offer a refund for your phone card purchase.
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My Pham
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